CIM Upgrades

The CIM Software will have updates for bug fixes and feature request additions. This page will have the upgrade installers, release notes, and instructions for upgrading the software.

CIM Installation

The CODEX Instrument Management software needs to be initially installed by an Akoya FSE or FAS.

The below updates will not install a full version of CIM, but upgrade to the latest version.

An upgrade will retain the instrument and CIM settings, experiments and experiment templates.



Release Notes



Version 1.29 needs to be installed initially

Instructions for Installing the CIM Update

  1. Ensure you have privileges on your PC to install new software.

  2. Close CIM if the program is currently open.

  3. Double click on the file downloaded.

  4. Select 'Next.'

5. Make sure that ‘Create desktop shortcut’ is selected and select 'Next'.

6. Do not change the default path location from C:\Codex and select 'Next'.

7. Select 'Install'.

8. Select 'Finish'.

9. Confirm the upgrade was installed correctly by opening CIM. Look in the upper right-hand side of the screen next to the CODEX logo. Ensure the version listed is the same version that was downloaded.

10. The CIM upgrade has been successfully installed.

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