Transfer Data

The Transfer Data feature in CIM prepares the companion microscope generated image data (raw data) for export to the Processing computer. The acquired image data is transferred to and processed by the remote computer, where the CODEX® processor will generate the processed output data. Other options, for example, an experiment report are also available on this tab.

Please make sure during the experiment runs that each new experiment is placed in a separate main folder such that acquired images for a new experiment is saved within a new folder (the data location is set within the Microscope software)

The output data generated by CODEX® Processor can then be accessed for data analysis using MAV or similar data analysis software.

Select the "Transfer Data" feature from the menu on the CIM window

Select the relevant experiment from the Experiment list on the right

Please select one experiment at a time. The "Transfer Data" function allows transferring one experiment at a time.

Note: Only Experiments of the last month are displayed, by default. Deselect "Limit to Experiments After Date" to view all, or set a different date range

For more options, right-click on an experiment

Next, Click the "Verify" button

This button will verify that the experiment folder has the expected number of images

Next, Name your Destination Folder

If the acquisition and processing computers are networked, the assigned Destination folder can be located on the Processing computer.

In the event the computers are not networked, please choose a destination folder within the local Acquisition computer drive.

Once the destination folder is selected, and the data is verified, click "Copy"

Copy will start the copying of the data of the selected experiment.

A new window will open, managing the transfer. Now, CIM can be closed, or another screen can be selected.

Copy button will only be enabled when an experiment is selected, the experiment verified (see status on the experiment), and a destination folder has been specified.

Experiment Report

To create a pdf report of an experiment, right click on the experiment and select ‘Report’

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