For all issues, please contact for additional support.

Processing computer seems to be malfunctioning.

  • CODEX® Processing computer purchased through Akoya is supplied and supported by Origin PC. Their warranty provides lifetime 24/7 U.S. based support and free labor, 1 year part replacement and 45 day shipping warranty. Please contact Origin PC support.

Processor does not open.

  • Check that Java 8 build 201 is installed in Add or Remove Programs.

  • If the processor was close recently, please try again in a few seconds. Releasing memory used by the processor can take a few seconds to complete.

No GPU is found or tile registration fails.

  • Check that CUDA Toolkit 9.2 is installed in Add or Remove Programs.

  • Check that a compatible GPU (e.g. NVIDIA RTX 2080) is detected in Windows Device Manager.

  • Memory problems may manifest as GPU errors. Windows Memory Diagnostics may detect such errors. Please contact Origin PC support.

Microvolution license is not found.

  • Check that a valid license file is located in the CODEX® Processor folder .

  • Check that the computer can reach the license server at

Study cannot be loaded.

  • Root study folder should be selected.

  • Check that the input folder contains the following components:

    • Contiguous cycle-region folders named ‘cyc001_reg001’ containing images named ‘1_00001_Z001_CH1.tif’.

    • Experiment metadata (experiment.json).

    • Channel names (channelNames.txt).

    • Exposure times (exposure_times.txt).

  • Check that the metadata files were generated using the CIM Transfer feature.

Processing does not start or fails immediately.

  • Processor requires a formatted dataset with the components listed above.

  • Image files may be missing or corrupt, which can be checked using inputFileList.txt in the diagnostic output folder.

Processing does not produce stitched images.

  • Check that all necessary input image and metadata files are present.

  • Check that the Processing computer has enough memory to support the input dataset.

Processing produces uncropped stitched images.

  • Improper marker naming and missing exposure times will cause background subtraction to fail. Please check channelNames.txt for proper 'Blank' channels and exposure_times.txt for valid exposure times for all cycles.

Image artifacts are seen in stitched images or MAV.

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