Marker Manager

Using the Marker manager window, the users can manage all markers. Any changes made to marker selection in this window will affect all features involving markers (Marker picker, Clustering, Population table, Table view, Box plot).

Change visibility

By clicking on any marker checkbox the corresponding marker will be hidden/shown in all features with markers. By default any markers with type 'Nuclear' (DAPI, HOECHST) and 'Blank' will be unselected.

Change order

You can sort markers by any column by clicking on the corresponding table header. It will cause marker order changes in all CodexMAV features that support marker sorting.

Note: Changing marker order in the Manager will not affect the marker dendrogram order.

Also you can click on the 'Default sort' button and return markers sorting to the default.

Change name

If you click on any marker name then you can change it. You can't set duplicate and empty marker names. After setting new name all features with markers will be updated.

Reset markers

The users can deselect all markers at once, except for the first two, by clicking on the 'Reset markers' button.

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