CODEX Processor is to be installed on Akoya-provided and validated CODEX Processing computer.


To install Processor, please download the latest version from this Box link. If you are just getting started, please download all the installation software in the table below.

Processor 1.8 generates a CODEX QPTIFF compatible with whole slide image analysis tools such as Visiopharm and QuPath.

Important: Please see Processor 1.8 release notes for additional information on CIM version requirements and CODEX MAV compatibility.

Open-source analysis technotes are available for PhenoCycler and PhenoCycler-Fusion.

When first installing version 1.7 or version 1.8 please uninstall all other Java versions and install OpenJDK.




Processor installer


CUDA Toolkit 9.2 installer

OpenJDK 8 installer

CODEX processor 1.7 and 1.8 Release notes

Release notes

Install CODEX Processor

1) Run ''. 2) Run 'cuda_9.2.148_win10.exe'. 3) Run 'CodexProcessor-<version>-Installer.exe'.

Activate Microvolution License (Optional)

1) Go to 'C:\Akoya Biosciences\CodexProcessor'. 2) Double-click 'microvolution-activator.bat'. 3) Type in the license key provided. 4) Check that 'microvolution.lic' file is located in'C:\Akoya Biosciences\CodexProcessor'.

If firewall exceptions cannot be made, please contact Microvolution for manual activation. Note that this will disable rehosting to different systems.

Rehosting a Microvolution License

A Microvolution license key can be rehosted to a different computer after deactivating the key on the originally installed PC. To do this, you will use the same 'microvolution-activator.bat' file used to activate the license. Note that this requires internet access and that the computer can reach the license server at

  1. Go to 'C:\Akoya Biosciences\CodexProcessor'

  2. Double-click 'microvolution-activator.bat'. You should see a message noting that there is already an active license

  3. When prompted, type in your license key

  4. The license should now be deactivated and can be used on the same PC or a different PC.

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