In the "Cells" ("Table view") frame you can see all cells and their parameters in the same way as they appear in the FCS files. In this table all cells from all regions are represented and you can see 'Region #' column at the end of the table.

You can select whole table by clicking on the 'Select all' button. Then you can click Ctrl + C in order to copy table to the clipboard.

You can select any column by clicking on the 'Select column' button. The you also can copy this column to the clipboard.

Also you can select any number of rows using mouse and Ctr / Shift modifier keys and then create a new population from select rows by clicking on the 'plus' button. Then new population with selected cells will be created in the Population table.


You can filter cells that you see in the Table view via filter combo box. There are three available options:

  1. All - all cells from all regions are visible in the Table view.

  2. All visible - all cells from all populations, that are selected in Population table, are visible in the Table view.

  3. 'Some population name' - only cells from this population are visible in the Table view. If this population will be deleted then 'All visible' option will be set.

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