Marker Picker

Marker Colors

Select markers in the Marker Picker to display the selected marker in the region image with the color of your choice. Up to seven markers can be displayed simultaneously. The available colors are white, red, green, blue, magenta, yellow and cyan (W, R, G, B, M , Y, C).

Brightness/Contrast Slider

When a marker is selected, brightness and contrast are auto-adjusted using the same optimization used by ImageJ in its Auto Brightness/Contrast. This can be manually adjusted by clicking and dragging the edges of the slider bars.

Auto-Adjust Brightness/Contrast

To return to auto-adjust brightness and contrast, please press the button shown above.

Min-Max Brightness/Contrast

The next button resets the brightness and contrast to the minimum and maximum values found in the marker image.

Precise Brightness/Contrast

The last buttons allows specifying the minimum and maximum values for precise brightness and contrast setting.

Pseudo-DAB Staining Mode

This feature is available for MAV versions 1.3 and above

Enable DAB mode by clicking the switch button show above.

In this mode, you are able to pick only one marker and it will be highlighted in brown color on the region image. The "nuclear" marker from the same cycle will be automatically highlighted in blue color on the image.

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