MAV Logs and additional information

When reporting a MAV application issue to, we may request logs and additional information to help facilitate resolving the issue. Step-by-step instructions for retrieving logs and additional information (MAV version, FIJI/Java version, system information, etc) can be found in the following document:

By default, MAV logs are located here:

Windows OS: C:\Users\<username>\Codex\MAV logs

Mac OS: <user-home>/Codex

If log files are not present, MAV logging can be enabled by doing the following:


2) From the menu bar, go to Tools -> Preferences

3) Ensure that File logging is checked and Verbosity level is set on Debug

How do I update a FIJI plugin if it fails to update automatically?

Indications that a plugin has failed to update in FIJI include error messages such as those shown below.

  1. After clicking Help -> Update you may see the following:

2. Delete the conflicting versions. Once the conflicting versions are deleted, Click OK.

3. Select "Apply changes" to update the software and then restart FIJI.

4. When FIJI restarts, you may still see an error message.

5. Click OK and close FIJI

6. In Windows Explorer, navigate to the FIJI-win64 folder and Open the "plugins" folder.

7. Delete the old version of the plugin and restart FIJI

8. Now, launch CODEX MAV as normal.

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