Voronoi Diagram

Calculating Voronoi Diagram

In order to calculate the Voronoi diagram click 'Voronoi' item in the 'Analysis' menu.

Then you will see dialog where you will be able to choose region where Voronoi overlay will be shown.

After clicking on the 'OK' button corresponding activity will appear in the Background activities panel. When calculation completes, the overaly will be rendered to the image region.

You are able to export Voronoi overlay as PNG image. You need to click on the 'Export Voronoi' item in the 'Tools menu' and then choose a folder where images will be exported

Updating Voronoi

Changes on a population that are automatically propagated to the Voronoi overlay include:

  • Setting a new color

  • Changing population visibility

  • Adding a new population

  • Removing population

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