Public Datasets

Publicly released CODEX datasets are available upon request.

Please provide the requested information to receive access to the CODEX datasets.

Downloadable datasets:

  • CODEX FFPE Breast Cancer 36 AB Dataset

  • CODEX FFPE Tonsil 18 AB Dataset

Public datasets are shared as Box links. Each dataset folder has all the necessary processed files required for data visualization and analysis using ImageJ/CODEX MAV.

The link also has a PDF file with description of the particular experiment, including sample information, panel, etc, and it also has links to the relevant webinar recordings that can be used as references.

Please use the provided link and download all the files. For files that are zipped using 7-Zip, please install the latest version and unzip the .z01 file.

It will require downloading the dataset in parts due to the download size limitations.

Please make sure that the downloaded dataset used for analysis in MAV retains the folder/file and naming structures, as in the original folder provided in the link.

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